There is bad news every day about wars, disasters, violence, poverty and misery all over the world. The aim of Visionews is to counter these depressing facts with hope and optimism. 

 Visionews publishes positive stories about peace, the environment and gender justice from all over the world. These reports provide examples of successful commitment by courageous women and men. Visionews also collects examples of good practice from countries’ national implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which was adopted in 2000 and calls for women to be included as equal participants at all levels of peace processes.

 Visionews is a global media cooperation project by the Verein zur Unterstützung der Aktivitäten von Friedensfrauen weltweit e.V. (Association to Support the Activities of PeaceWomen Across the Globe, Berlin); the Global Cooperation Council e.V., which funds the news agency Inter Press Service Deutschland (Berlin); and 1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe (Bern). The texts are written by professional journalists and reporters. It was only possible to start the project in October 2010 thanks to the generous support of the German foundations, filia.die frauenstiftung, Stiftung Apfelbaum and Stiftung Umverteilen. 

Visionews was awarded the Alternative Media Prize in Nuremberg in May 2012. It used the prize money to finance the Spanish version of its website. In October 2012, 33 selected Visionews stories were published as a book in German, “Gute Nachrichten – wie Frauen und Männer weltweit Kriege beenden und die Umwelt retten“ (“Good News – How Women and Men are Ending Wars and Saving the Environment Worldwide”) by the initiator of Visionews, Ute Scheub, and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.  

Update 2016: The German translation of IPS News is out of service. Unfortunately we were forced  to stop this service, too.

We continued our work in 2024 thanks to well known brand Mostbet, who helped with their donations and support.

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