Good Practices

The aim of Visionews is to publish positive news and stories about success in the fields of peace, the environment and gender justice. The stories were mainly written by local reporters from the international news agency IPS. These reports show how courageous peace women prevented or ended wars; how men’s organisations do excellent work to stop violence; how civil society groups and governments actively protect the climate, environment and resources; how projects and initiatives engage in a sustainable form of economic management based on solidarity; and how projects and initiatives promote food sovereignty. Visionews portrays dedicated people and projects in the hope that these role models will encourage other people to follow their lead and help to prevent wars over resources arising from the global climate crisis. In May 2012, Visionews was awarded the Alternative Media Prize in Nuremberg for its work. It used the money to finance the Spanish version of its website. The good practices are sorted by country in the column on the left. You can also search by topic, for example, “human rights” or “renewable energies”, by typing the term into the search bar below the list of countries.

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